About Us

8 Decades of Trust...

Mr and Mrs. Louis A. PichettoWhen United Cleaners was founded in 1929 by Mr and Mrs. Louis A. Pichetto, we were leading the pack and we still are with our high-technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

Mr. Pichetto served as president until 1960 when long-time manager Charles L. Amborn became owner and president in 1985, followed by Robert H. Amborn, Sr.

Today, United Cleaners is now managed and co-owned by Andrew Charles Amborn and Robert H. Amborn, Jr.

These days, your clothes are bar-coded for error-free service...but our service is still based on Mr. Pichetto's values and superior customer service.

Thank You for stopping by!

Andrew Charles Amborn
Robert H. Amborn, Jr.